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Debian GNU/Linux or simply Debian is one of the oldest and in the meantime one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. This popularity is largely due to the fact that Debian is distributed as free open-source software under the GNU license. There are, however, other key advantages that have made it a top OS choice for millions of users worldwide. Debian is Unix-based and can be equally well used as a desktop and a server operating system, which makes it a multi-purpose solution for your machine, no matter whether you are a server administrator or just a regular user. Moreover, it can be very easily installed on your computer or server, despite the fact that its latest release, for example, includes more than twenty-six thousand software packages. Debian 7 is the latest in the long line of Debian distros. Although a lot of Debian based distros use the testing branch, stable Debians are very much that – stable. This has its advantages and disadvantages, as packages can sometimes get very out of date in the repositories. However, this does not effect security and bug fixes, and that’s what Debian 7.1 release is about.

Top Benefit of Debian Hosting

Here are some specific advantages and benefits that distinguish Debian from other distributions:

  1. Debian runs on more hardware platforms than any other distribution.

  2. Debian's tools have the ability to do recursive upgrades of systems.

  3. Debian packages can Suggest other packages to be installed, and it is left to the user whether to follow the suggestions or not.

  4. Debian GNU/Linux makes it very simple to install new applications, configure old ones, and administer the system. The administrator does not have to worry about dependencies, library problems, or even overwriting previous versions of configuration files. These are handled by the packaging system.

  5. Debian is an excellent choice for the development of software for all distributions of GNU/Linux. Because Debian's processes, in terms of policies and packaging, are fair and visible and open standards conforming, Debian is a very clean and very carefully constructed distribution.

  6. Debian has a utility to install Red Hat packages if you need to. In fact, the tool has been extended to provide basic transformations between various package formats.

  7. Debian deals with dependencies and will identify the required packages and install them and then install the package you want.

Recommended Extras for Your Debian Linux Cloud Server Hosting:

  1. Easy to get and use

    We give you to get everything you need to start building web applications with Debian Hosting. This simple, streamlined installer will get your development machine ready to go.

  2. Pay As You Go

    Only pay what your application consumes. Control your costs by managing the Scalers and monitor it in the dashboard.

  3. Full scalability

    Upgrading to a higher package is done quickly and easily from the Control Panel, so you can add more features as your business expands and your needs increase.

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