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Windows Server 2019/2022

1 x vCPU


30 GB SSD Disk Space

1000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

1 x vCPU


50 GB SSD Disk Space

2000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

2 x vCPU


75 GB SSD Disk Space

2000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

2 x vCPU


100 GB SSD Disk Space

2000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

4 x vCPU


150 GB SSD Disk Space

3000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

4 x vCPU


200 GB SSD Disk Space

5000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

6 x vCPU


300 GB SSD Disk Space

6000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Windows Server 2019/2022

8 x vCPU


400 GB SSD Disk Space

8000 GB Bandwidth

Full 24/7 RDP Access





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Our Windows Dedicated Cloud Server

Deployed in just 5-10 minutes (upon payment verification and completion)

m is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Microsoft presents this award to for the ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, Silverlight and Visual Studio Lightswitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the Windows Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting

Do I have full, root access to the server?
Absolutely yes. You have full root access to the server 24/7/365. The cloud server is a dedicated service and it is not shared among our clients
What happens if I require just extra disk space / RAM?
If you are in need of extra disk space or RAM only, you have to upgrade to a higher cloud server plan. For an example., you are currently under our Cloud Server Starter Plan with 40 GB Disk Space, if you need more than 40 GB disk space, you need to upgrade to our Cloud Server Lite Plan directly (even you just need an extra disk space only)
What is an SSD and Why should I use it?
The solid state drive (SSD) is widely considered an improvement over its competitor, the hard disk drive (HDD). Recent innovations in the solid state version, which contains no moving parts, have raised its performance capabilities: it is now up to 100 times faster than a hard drive. One reason it is so fast is that a hard drive can experience fragmentation as the disk starts to fill, while an SSD can access any part of the disk immediately because it due to its lack of a moving read/write head.
Is there any downtime when I switch from one Windows Cloud Server plan to another?
Yes, there is a short downtime to upgrade your Windows Cloud Server. Please allow 10-20 minutes for the upgrade to complete.
If I purchase your Windows Cloud Server plan, how soon can you setup my server?
Upon payment verification and completion, your Windows Cloud Server will be provisioned within 5-10 minutes only.
What is your uptime guarantee?
We offer Windows SSD Cloud Servers optimized for your use, without the need to sign a contract. Our SLA states our commitment to provide 100% uptime. You only pay for the resources that you need, moment by moment. We have live technicians on staff 24/7 to support you.
Will my Windows Cloud Server go down?
Yes, it is still possible for your Windows Cloud Server to go down and this is due to the several factors, such as your server usage, the availability of the resources on the server, the traffic to and from your server, etc. If, let's say, you order our Windows Cloud Server Starter Plan, the server will have 1 GB RAM installed. If your usage is nearly 1 GB, your server will have problems. Another example: this Starter Plan Cloud Server has 1 GB RAM and if you host a website that attracts many visitors, it can potentially cause issue to your server as well. What we are trying to say here is that your Windows Cloud Server will have 100% uptime if and only if you use the server decently and properly. If your server requires extra resources to run, it is time for you to upgrade to our higher Windows Cloud Server hosting plan.
Can I install my own software on the server?
You are more than welcome to install anything on the server. The server is a dedicated service and please feel free to install whatever you like
Do you provide full Windows backup / restore?
The backup / restore service are provided on the Managed Service option. The price listed on this page is for the Un-managed service, which means that we will deliver the Windows Cloud Server with Windows Data Center OS Edition installed. You will be responsible to setup the rest of the server yourself.
What is the Managed Service that you offer?
With the managed service option, we will manage the server on your behalf. These include daily/nighly Windows Server backup (up to 2 weeks old data), DDoS Prevention, periodical Windows Update, Anti-Malware prevention, Anti-Virus prevention, etc. If you choose an un-managed service, you will have to maintain the server on your own. The cost of the managed service will be determined by the Windows Cloud Server Plan you chose.

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